People who overcame adversity

By: Jonathan Ortegel


"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed" Michael Jordan. Perseverance to me is to keep trying ecspecially when it gets tough.

Someone who changed the mind of all

Paul Smith lived to 85 years old and doctors never thought it was possible. He died 6 years ago. He had a disease that did not let him walk right or hold a pencil, pen, etc. He found that he could make art by clicking one key at a time to make the art he want to do. He inspired me because if he can do that I can do anything.

Lisa's effect on others

Lisa a news person learned about Dartanyon and Leroy. They did not have families and she wanted to change that. Then she took them in as her own kids and made their future change. Dartanyon won bronze place in the Paralympics. Leroy got to go to college and have a family. After Lisa stepped in to help they did not real idle anymore.

Nepal acts to help each other

In Nepal a poor area, earthquakes happen and these adversities happen a lot. The People that live there have bags with resource just in case an earthquake happens, for people to get in a safe place. Everyone in the community helps the hurt people and share each others supplies. Another thing they do is trying to find new jobs in different areas. A solution that Nepal could do is build short building so it would be less likely to fall.
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The start of Dominos

1. Had a strong conviction about his dream to make a pizza place.

2. Dropped out of school to keep his pizza dream alive.

3. Went bankrupt after 2 years.

4. Was in debt by 75,000 dollars

5. Work day and night to try to play it off, but on paid off 50,000

6. got financial people to trust him that he would pay them back

7. Over 9 years his pizza business became a success.


I have learned for people that persevered to never give up because it pays of in the end when you are done. An example of this was with Tom and his pizza business, if he never kept trying nobody would have eaten domino's pizza. Another time was with Leroy and Dartanyon or with the type writer artist, they would have never done any of those things that changed the way we think. I believe that if you keep trying and work for the things you want it will work out in the end.