By Diana De La Rosa

What is cyberbullying?

  • Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology.
  • Examples
    • Mean text messages or emails
    • Rumors sent by email or posted on social media
    • Embarrassing photos or videos
    • Fake profiles or websites

    Cyber bullying can result in poor grades, depression and even suicide!

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    You can do something about it!



    • As a parents you should talk to your child about the responsibilities of using internet cites and social media.
    • Know the cites they are visiting.
    • Know what their passwords are.
    • Use parental control filters and monitoring programs.


    • Recognize signs
    • ask students to report any cyberbullying
    • Respond to an Incident


    • Know the cites you are visiting to avoid any cyberbullying.

    • Report any cyberbullying

    • Do not respond and block the person who is cyberbullying

    Take Action!

    What you can do if your child is getting cyberbullied?

    • Do not respond and immediately block the person who is cyberbullying.

    Report cyber bullying to

    • the school

    • the online service provider

    • law enforcement

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    Stand Up to Cyberbullying


    Stand up to cyberbullying video


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