#Miched Chat Wed. 1/13/16 8pm est

Creating Classroom Culture

We know what we want and what kids need, how do we create that vision? Join Tara Maynard (@tmaynard5) as we share and learn how to create classroom culture.

Questions are not "timed". We begin with introductions at 8 p.m. (who you are, where you work, title assignment, something interesting about yourself). Tara will tweet out questions using "Q" and number, with text of the questions. Participants respond with "A" and corresponding number before the text answer. *Don't forget the hashtag #miched !

Q1: What characteristics do you want your classroom culture to have?

Q2: How do you make sure students are involved in helping to create your classroom culture?

Q3: How do you teach and model how you expect students to communicate with each other?

Q4: What strategies can you use to improve classroom culture mid-year?

Q5: How do you get students to feel comfortable enough to take risks, and maybe fail, in your classroom?

Q6: How do you balance requirements with student voice?

Q7: How does your classroom design support your class culture? What is your favorite element?

Bonus (extra credit time): Give one example that showcases a proud teacher moment due to your classroom culture.

Wednesday, Jan. 13th, 8-9pm

This is an online event.