N8's Great Ice Cream Shop

If its not Nate's its not great!

My shop sells the finest Ice cream in all the land!

Never will you have ever tasted anything so great! What to you have to lose? my shop is open 24/6 (we are closed on Sundays) to make sure you can get your ice cream crave!

Try a Scoop! first one's FREE!

We need your help

Im a sole proprietor and I'm a new start up local business thats looking for employes. Just stop by and ask for a application. (first 20 employees get free ice cream for life) Its just a local shop we have don't have a union or anything of that sort if you have any problems or questions just ask me and we'll get it all sorted. Remember all employees have a voice I want to hear from you so we know where to improve and grow

Save our planet!

We here at Nate's love this planet and want to keep it clean. We use only organic and natural products in all of our ingredents all our products can be recycled and we have bins on both sides of the shop. We also are starting a community donation towards keeping our parks clean and pollution and litter free. Come help make a difference in the world today :)