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News You can Use-November 14, 2021

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We are streamlining our smore to include mostly new information! For recurring information and school programs, please check the school website.


November is a great month to focus on all that we have to be grateful for. We are so thankful for the opportunity to partner with you and we are honored to work with all of our Bobier Bronco Community - students, families and staff. Here are some suggestions on ways to feel and show gratitude.

Please remember to send your student(s) with a water bottle labeled with their name to school each day.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences Coming This Week!! We are excited to have the opportunity to meet with you and to share your child’s progress so far this school year. Please make sure to confirm the day and time of your conference appointment with your child’s teacher. All parents and visitors to campus must wear masks at all times.

All days next week are minimum days. School ends at 12:51 p.m.

Lost and Found

Our school has a large number of unclaimed items. Parents will have the opportunity to sift through the lost and found next week. Any items left over on Friday will be donated.
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Please enjoy some Autumn artwork from 5th grade students.

English Learners

As Parent-Teacher Conferences approach, ask your child’s teacher about their progress in the ELD program. Below, are some questions to help you start the conversation at the upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences:

  • How often does my child participate in designated ELD instruction? How many minutes per day? Per week?

  • How many students are in my child’s designated ELD group?

  • What specific language skills does my child need assistance with?

  • Would you show me what book is used for ELD instruction?

  • Would you show me what the ELD standards look like?

  • What is my student’s ELPAC proficiency level? 1, 2 or 3?

  • What specific ELD teaching will help my student receive a 4 on their ELPAC test in the spring?

Counselor’s Corner

Thank you to everyone who helped make our October and November Capturing Kids Hearts theme of “Say No to Bullying” a success so far. Bobier students learned how to recognize what a Bullying really looks like: Was it mean or hurtful? Was it done on purpose? Is the mean/hurtful behavior one-sided? Did it happen more than once? Bobier students learned how to identify real bullying behaviors, seek out assistance from trusted adults on campus and collaborated together on how to be an effective upstander to help those in need.

December’s Social Emotional Theme: Forgiveness. Bobier students will learn how to apologize to others with sincerity using their empathy skills, and how to move past previous negative interactions by focusing on positive restorative actions. These skills will help teachers and students improve classroom management and school culture strategies. Forgiveness allows individuals an opportunity to mutually process negative interactions in a way that encourages both parties to move on from an incident. Students who exhibit a mastery of Forgiveness can strengthen their interpersonal skills which can lead to healthier friendships, a greater sense of self reflection and positive conflict resolution abilities.

Our motto this month: “It takes a strong person to say sorry, and an even stronger person to FORGIVE.”
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Income Verification Form-Help Fund our school

Please fill out the following form so that we can maximize our school's state and federal funding. Click HERE

With more funds, we are able to provide more programs, resources, and support to students and their families. A form must be filled out for each student. If you don't know your child's ID number, this information can be found on your parent portal or you may contact the school for assistance. We would be happy to help you!!

The information you provide will be strictly confidential.

IMPORTANT -To Receive Attendance Credit While Quarantined

You must complete the following independent study contract form for your child.

If you do not know your child's student ID number, call the school or stop by the office for assistance.


We will be sending out a weekly summary of the study findings. In addition, students and staff that are identified as being inside the room where the positive surface swab was taken will receive an additional notification. For more information about SASEA click on this link.

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COVID Notification Update

Only classes with direct exposure or close contacts to a COVID positive will be notified.

For this past week we had 1 new Covid positive cases impacting our campus.

Please refer to Dr. Doyle’s latest community update and daily updates on districtwide COVID cases will be listed by school on the COVID dashboard.


Our campus is ready for volunteers!! Check with your child’s teacher to see how you can help.

The purpose of an “essential volunteer” is to enhance the education of our students. The following requirements are for all essential volunteers on campuses:

  • Must wear a mask at all times (indoors and outdoors)

  • Complete school volunteer application

  • Show proof of full vaccination OR provide a negative PCR test weekly

  • Schedule a specific time with the teacher ahead of time

  • Essential volunteers must follow the guidelines below:

    • Never enter the classroom when students are present

    • Always work with students outside the classroom (student and volunteer must be masked at all times outside)

  • PTA/ELAC/SSC/Foundation parents may be on campus to perform school business

*We can verify volunteer hours if needed. If you need to complete volunteer hours for a specific purpose, check with your organization/school/agency to see if hours at a public school count toward your required hours.

Family & Community Resources

Community Events

For your information, we have included Dr. Doyle’s most recent Community Updates which went out to families on November 8th.

Para su información, hemos incluido la última actualización comunitaria de Dr. Doyle que se envió a las familias el 8 de noviembre.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help!! Thank you for your continued support.


Melanie Paliotti


Bobier Elementary School