By: Haley and Shaelyn

What is fat?

What is the role/function of fat in the body?

Why is fat important?

  • Its a source of backup energy in cases where carbohydrate are not available you should only consume 40-70g of fat
  • certain vitamins which are known as fat soluble need fat in order to be absorbed and stored (vitamin A,D,E,K)
  • if you consume food that includes more energy than the body needs to perform its normal functions any excess food is stored as subcutaneous fat under the skin
  • you can also find a thin fat layer located right underneath the skin, it is used to insulate the body, giving us the proper temperature.
  • it surrounds major organs, nerves, tissues and bones and its designed to act like a protective cushion.
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How much fat is needed each day?

How much calories should come from fat?

What are 10 qualities of food sources of fat?

interesting facts on fat