Defining Climate

Climate is affected by several factors

Annual Averages and variations

Climates describe long term weather patterns of an area.

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Data averages on a monthly or annual basis for a period of at least 30 years.


Normal is a way to describe how a month or a year or that time period should be.

Cause of Climate

There're very different things that go in to changing a climate: Latitude, topography, closeness of lakes, and oceans availability of oceans, availability of moisture, global wind patterns, ocean currents, and air masses


Water heats up AMD cools down slower than land thus large bodies of water affect climate of coastal areas. When its winter the coast is warm when its cold that coast is cooler.


Solar radiation cause different types of warmth to come through that particular area.

Air masses

Two of the main causes of weather are the movement and interactions of air masses


Climatology: Study of earths climate
Normal: Are the standard value of an area

Tropics: The area in between 23.5S and 23.5N is know as the tropics

Temperate zones: lies between 23.5 and 66.5.

Polar zones: Are located from 66.5 N and south pole.

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