Facial Expressions

Facial Expressions.....What are they?

"After 30 years of renewed interest in facial expression as a key clue to human emotions, frowns are appearing on critics' faces. The face, they say, isn't the mirror to emotions it's been held out to be.

Many took that work to imply that facial expressions provided the key to people's feelings. But in recent years the psychology literature has been sprinkled with hotly worded attacks by detractors who claim that there is no one-to-one correspondence between facial expressions and emotions. In fact, they argue, there's no evidence to support a link between what appears on someone's face and how they feel inside."

Citations: http://www.apa.org/monitor/jan00/sc1.aspx

Macro-Facial Expressions

Expressions that usually last from 1/2 second to 4 seconds that include smiling, laughing, frowns, etc. These are the most noticable emotions, as opposed to micro-expressions. The pictures below show some macro expressions.

Micro-Facial Expressions

"Last less than ½ second: they occur when people are consciously or unconsciously trying to conceal or repress what they are feeling." - See more at: http://www.humintell.com/macroexpressions-microexpressions-and-subtle-expressions/#sthash.saqoYyHA.dpuf

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Micro-Expressions of liars

Above shows multiple pictures of a New York Yankee baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, when he was being interviewed due to allegations of using performance enhancing drugs. Dr. Paul Elkman studied this interview, and noticed several "tics" that liars usually do. It was later found that "A-Rod" was using performance enhancing drugs, and Dr. Elkman was not surprised.

"He is also asked if he ever witnessed or suspected illegal drug use among players. His answer: 'I never saw'- here, his left shoulder lifts - 'anything. I never had raw evidence.'"

Micro-expressions are used by police, investigators, FBI, and others to detect liars and other micro-expressions that commonly go undetected. With a little information and studying, you too could read micro-expressions and be a lie detector yourself!

Read the full article on.... http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/15/weekinreview/15marsh.html