Chant and be happy

Join us at Scandi-Nama in Oslo

In norway, the biggest festival of the year is the 17th of May.
It's a national holiday, and its seen as Norways "birthday".
It's an excellent day to be out for harinam and preach to the public.
Everyone is in a great mood and loves to dance in the streets. Previously we have been enthusiastically recieved by the public with harinam on this day, as downtown Oslo is packed with happy people!

We would like to invite devotees to experience this 17th of May with a special Nama-sanga meeting of the Scandinavian brances of Srila Prabhupadas devotional family.
Anyone who want to spend a weekend here in Norway
filled with kirtan, harinam, katha, prasadam and lovely association are hereby welcome.

This is the "Scandi-Nama" program for now, please stay tuned for updates as we come closer to the festival date:

Arrival on thursday evening or friday morning.

Friday the 17th:
The national festivities start in center from morning.
Maha Harinam (walking) in Oslo center.
Feast and sanga at the Hare Krishna Temple in the evening.

Saturday the 18th:
Harinam (sit-down) with book-table and prasadam distribution in Oslo center.
Maha Nama Hatta program in the afternoon/evening

Sunday the 19th:
Sunday feast delux at the Hare Krishna Temple. Program is from 16-19. We will meet in temple at 14:00 for 2 hours with Kirtan before the official program.

If you would like to stay longer you are of course welcome!

Remember that in Norway the weather changes quickly, so dress for Scandivavian weather and bring an umbrella :-)

Please register before 1st of May so that we can sort out accomodation with local devotees and at the temple.

(donations are accepted)

Your servants,
Yudhisthira das and Sanatani-devi dasi

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