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May 9, 2020

Clifford Strong 2020

We LOVE Clifford teachers!

Teacher Appreciation Week May 4-8!

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Send an email to your child's teacher to show your love and appreciation!

Teacher email list, click here!

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Dear Clifford community...

Teachers are my heroes. I remember my favorite teacher; Mr. C. Mr. C. was my 3rd grade teacher. He seemed 10 feet tall and larger than all life. I remember he made us feel smart, capable, and safe. He encouraged us to do our best and when we couldn’t do our best he helped lift us up and didn’t make us feel bad about it. He then patiently worked with us until we could be successful. He seemed older than dirt to me then, but looking back at pictures he probably wasn’t more than 30 years old. He would be out at recess time and all of us would beg and line up to be able to play games with him. He was the king of the blacktop!

I remember asking my mom if something was wrong with his smile because he always seemed to be smiling. I truly thought his smile was stuck. (ha-ha). He would sing multiplication songs and draw out with chalk on the ground outside of our room all the many ways to solve word problems. He would play guitar and sing when we would earn points on our “multiplication tree” by moving our paper birds out of the paper nests and up to the top of the tree. Boy, I thought this teacher was a rock star. He would also take our class outside to the field on a nice day and read us stories. I’m sure many parents and other staff thought this guy must be nuts! But we loved him. We felt like the “lucky” class and somehow we must be smarter than the other classes because Mr. C. was our teacher.

Reflecting on this I realize Mr. C. wasn’t a rock star, he wasn’t 10 feet tall, and he may have been a little unconventional but from my eyes as a 8 year old child he was everything. I wanted to learn in his class. I didn’t want to miss school. I wanted to work hard for him. He liked us. He loved being a teacher. For kids the power of that connection can mean everything in the world- and it did to me. We adults can easily get caught up in the day-to-day and policies of education, but for kids they just want a hero and a teacher who truly loves what they do.

Mr. C. had the power of connection and the heart for the profession. It made a difference to me. We want our kids to feel loved and challenged all the same. Clifford teachers all have heart and the kind of love and guidance you want in your child’s teacher. Thank you teachers- thank you for being on the front lines of education and making a difference in a child’s life.

Thank you parents and caregivers for stepping into the “classroom” with us and for sharing the teaching during this unprecedented time. I personally know how difficult it is to work from home and have two teenagers in online classes and a toddler running around! My job as a principal is an important job. Being a parent is an even more important job. Doing both at the same time--- WOW! I know many of you are doing double and triple time now and we can’t thank you enough for the love and support. Thank you for trusting us and for holding down the fort while we teach in partnership with you.

We miss you and your kids. I am so eager to get back to campus and have another wonderful and successful year at Clifford.

Jude Noyes


For your calendar...

  • Mon, May 11- Clifford Spirit Week!!
  • Thurs, May 14- Virtual PTO meeting 6:00 PM (Link will be sent soon)
  • Mon, May 25 - Memorial Day - No Distance Learning
  • Tues, May 26- Virtual SSC 3PM Zoom Link will be sent to families and will be posted on Clifford School's website
  • Thurs, June 4- Clifford 8th Grade virtual graduation ceremony! Details coming soon...
  • Fri, June 5 - Last Day of Distance Learning for Students
  • Thurs, Aug 13 - MAZE Day 9:00 AM- 1:00 PM & 4:00 PM- 7:00 PM
  • Wed, Aug 19 - Students Return to Campus, First Day of 2020-21 School Year

Clifford Spirit Week Next Week!

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Families of 8th Grade Students

We have finalized a plan for a virtual graduation ceremony! Thank you to the middle school teachers for helping build and put together what we believe will be an amazing ceremony! Parents, please keep your eyes on your emails from Clifford about details and information about our June 4th graduation ceremony! Mrs. Parrish and Mrs. Defouw will be sending more info soon!

Mr. Noyes

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T2 Honors Awards 6-8

We are busy putting honors certificates together for the students. We will be sending out an email with printable certificates soon! Keep your eyes out for an email from Clifford!
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How to tell who your kids are talking to online and other parent tips!

Someone shared this article with me recently. It's a great resource to help us parents out there in the digital age keep our kids safe online!

How to Tell Who Your Kid Is Talking to Online⁠—and How to Keep Their Convos Cool

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Need assistance? RCSD link to resources...

RCSD has compiled this list where families can find help with food, counseling, utilities, and more.

RCSD School Attendance Boundary Changes

RCSD's seven neighborhood schools will enlarge attendance boundaries after moves and mergers of programs and consolidation of schools. The final approved changes will take affect for 2021-22. You are invited to provide input; details here.

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Wellness Tip...

Someone shared this great wellness tip with me...

As we settle in for another month of social distancing, try making a list of things you still can do that you would enjoy, both individually and as a family. You could title this list your “Social Distancing Bucket List,” and add thoughts and ideas as they come to you. If you have the time and capacity, our current home-centered lifestyle is a great time to develop a new hobby, relationship, or skill that you may not have had time for before.

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How to Reduce the Stress of Homeschooling on Everyone

A school psychologist offers advice to parents on how to support their child during school closures. Click Link to read article/get resources...

Teachers deserve our appreciation now more than ever...

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San Mateo County Transportation Plan

The San Mateo County Office of Sustainability is looking for methods to promote pedestrian and bike-friendly transportation routes for Unincorporated San Mateo County communities. Your feedback is needed; please take a few minutes to view their online Open House and share input through the links:

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Shopping on Amazon?

Shopping on Amazon? Please use Amazon Smile and earn donations for Clifford! The first time you land on the Amazon Smile page, you’ll be asked to enter the organization where you want the portion of your $$ shopping amount to be donated. Clifford PTO is registered as “Clifford School Parents Club” in Redwood City. When it appears in the search results, click Select.

And start shopping!

Continue to use the Amazon Smile landing page from here on out; you won’t have to identify Clifford School Parents Club each time.THANK YOU!

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