May 4, 2018

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For School Lunch Hero Day, our Child Nutrition staff served an out of this world lunch with a Stars Wars themed menu! This space-tastic menu is listed below. We appreciate our Child Nutrition Staff and all the support they provide to our students and staff!!

  • 'Han' burgers (Hamburgers)
  • Bow-ba Fett Pasta Salad (Using bow tie pasta. Clever, right?)
  • Thermal Detonators (Cheese balls)
  • Carbonite Jell-o (Remember...that's what they froze Han Solo in! Carbonite!)
  • Edible Ewoks @ Northstar & West (Teddy Grahams)
  • Wookie Cookies @ KMS & KHS
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School Board Appreciation

The month of May is School Board appreciation month. Being on the School Board is a volunteer position, and our current members donate countless hours of their personal time to serve the District.

Our Board of Education includes:

  • Andrew Schmidt, President
  • Larissa Van Donselaar, Vice-President
  • Vickie Reed
  • Marty Duffy
  • Larry Scott

If you have the opportunity to thank one or all of these individuals, please do so! They put in many hours and it is not always an easy job!

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Preparing for 2018-19 School Year

Now is a great time to make appointments for physicals, eye and dental appointments, medication refills, and immunization updates.

Immunization updates are especially important for PK, K, 7th and 12th grade students.

Friendly reminders:

  • All students PK-12: Annual Health History Form
  • Grades 6-12 (optional): Tylenol consent
  • 12th grade: NEW requirement is for TWO doses of Meningococcal vaccine for those entering 12th grade if born after September 15, 1999 OR 1 dose if received when the student is 16 years of age or older. REQUIRED before starting senior year.
  • 9th grade: Proof of a dental exam. An exam within 1 year before to 4 months after enrollment in 9th grade is acceptable. Your dentist should have the form.
  • 7th grade: in addition to the Tdap requirement already in place for 7th graders, the NEW requirement is for 1 dose of Meningococcal vaccine on or after 10 years of age and grade 7 if born after September 15, 2004. REQUIRED before starting 7th grade.
  • 3rd grade: Proof of an vision exam. An exam within 1 year before and 6 months after enrollment in 3rd grade is acceptable. Your eye doctor should have the form.


  1. Health History Form

  2. Immunization Record with required Kindergarten vaccines: required BEFORE starting school

  3. Kindergarten Physical (and lead test)

  4. Dental exam (within 1 year of start of school)

  5. Vision exam (within 1 year of start of school)

  6. For those with food allergies: Diet Modification Form

  7. For those who need daily medication at school: Medication Administration Form


  1. Health History Form

  2. Immunization Record with required Preschool vaccines required BEFORE starting school

  3. PreSchool Physical

  4. For those with food allergies: Diet Modification Form

  5. For those who need daily medication at school: Medication Administration Form

Healthy regards,

Angie Mitchell, RN, BSN

Knoxville School Nurse

Upcoming Online Registration for 2018-19

In order to register your child(ren) for school this summer, your JMC username and password is necessary to begin the registration process. If you do not remember login information, please contact your child's school office A.S.A.P. (contact information below). School building offices are closed during the summer, so NOW is the time to ask for login assistance.

West Elementary 842-2185 (Sue)

Northstar Elementary 842-6527 (Lesa)

Middle School 842-3315 (Mary or Kendra)

High School 842-2173 (Pam, Stacy or Rachelle)

JMC is a great source of information to stay up-to-date with your child's academics THROUGHOUT the SCHOOL YEAR. Parents/guardians can utilize JMC year-round to:

  • check PROGRESS reports of each child in household
  • view LUNCH TRANSACTIONS (& link to is available for lunch payments)
  • view/print student REPORT cards
  • bus information (currently being updated)
  • review student health and attendance records
    • view/print student TRANSCRIPTS
    • verify student SCHEDULES and advisors
    • verify/update parent/guardian CONTACT information
    2018-2019 Academic Calendar

    Click on this heading to view the academic calendar for the 2018-2019 school year.

    Transportation Reminders

    With Spring upon us, the Transportation Department would like to remind parents and students of the “Hard Surface” stops for the rural riders. Please familiarize yourself with this information and let us know if you have questions. In addition to hard surface routes, information regarding bus expectations & city bus stops are outlined on our website (below).

    Please remind your student who rides a bus to Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible at all times while waiting at the stop. This goes for our city stop and country route riders.

    Brenda Dunkin, KCSD Transportation Assistant Director

    o: (641) 842-3313 m: (641) 780-7648


    Kindergarten Math

    Kindergarteners at West Elementary have been working on showing numbers with numbers, pictures, and words. The students in Ms. McCloud's class worked in pairs to figure out how many things were in the counting bags. We decided it was easier to put the things into groups of ten and then count by tens to find out how many. After we had the items in groups of ten, we drew a picture of our items & wrote the number! Math is FUN!
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    Two class options:

    • Morning classes are 8:15 to 11:00, Tues.-Fri. OR
    • Afternoon classes are 12:00-2:45, Tues.-Fri.

    To register, complete these forms and return to Sue at the West Elementary Office. Questions? Please contact Sue at 641-842-2185 opt. 1

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    6th Grade Scientists Analyze Data

    With the end of the 2017-2018 school year not far away, the 6th grade Science students are still being challenged to "Think Outside the Box", READ instructions carefully, and continue learn how to communicate effectively with others.

    A new unit based on the Iowa Core Science Standard - MS-PS1-2 - has just started.

    Analyze and interpret data on the properties of substances before and after the substances interact to determine if a chemical reaction has occurred.

    A few chemical properties of matter include:

    • Production of an odor
    • Change in color
    • Formation of bubbles

    Several physical properties of matter include:

    • a change in volume
    • a change in texture
    • a change in shape

    With fire being a major part of chemical changes, safety rules are being strictly including goggles, hair tied back, clearing things that could catch fire AWAY from the FIRE and actions by students that could cause harm to themselves and/or classmates.

    Activity #1 - Put wooden toothpick in fire until it is burning - blow out flame. The students observed a change in color, smoke, fire, and change in temperature.

    Activity #2 Zinc coated nails were placed in a test tube filled with vinegar. Another chemical property is observed - forming bubbles of hydrogen gas.

    This picture looks like a hot ballon festival, but it shows balloons on the test tubes collecting small amounts of hydrogen gas.

    Summer Drivers Education Classes

    Driver Education will again be offered this spring at Knoxville High School through Triple ‘R’ Driving School. There will be two sessions offered at KHS in the summer of 2018.

    • The first summer session will begin Tuesday, June 5th and conclude on Saturday, June 16th. This session will include classroom hours every day except Sunday for three hours (8-11am).
    • The second summer session will begin Monday, July 16th and conclude on Friday, July 27th. This session will include classroom hours every day except Sunday for three hours (8-11am).
      • Mr. Grimm & Mr. Rump will be the in car and classroom instructors for these sessions. Registration forms are available HERE, in the High School office, or can be accessed from the website

    Families who wish to enroll their student should complete the registration form and return the bottom portion to the high school or middle school office, or mail the registration form to the address listed on the form.

    For those families who qualify for free or reduced tuition, please indicate that on the bottom of the registration form you turn it. As a reminder, in order to receive the free and reduced benefit, students must take drivers education through the school affiliated provider (Triple R Driving School).

    Questions concerning the summer drivers education program at KHS? Please contact Mr. Rump at 319-470-6975 or e-mail @

    Community Partner Flyers

    Custom yearbooks are still available, but shipping charges are applicable. The deadline previously given was for our schools' bulk order. Those yearbooks will arrive by May 21st. Go to: and enter the passcode: 1015064502971783. Thanks to the Knoxville Elementary PTO for making this option available. Questions? Message the Elementary PTO on Facebook or email
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