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Edition 25 - Friday 16th August 2019

From the AP’s desk…

To coin a phrase that begins each episode of my favourite podcast: “What a week!” The school has been busy! We are gearing up for our production coming up in just three weeks, there’s been our magic preps reaching 100 days, book week excursions, music incursions and swimming for Grades 3 and 4. And our school captains, Isabelle, Emma and Oscar, have been beavering away redesigning our school awards (check them out at today’s assembly).

Our Farm is also beginning to take shape and it was great to spend some time getting to know the VCAL students and teachers from the high school who are building it. They are led by Danny – who appears to be able to build anything from anything! Our Maintenance Crew which includes Curtis, Riley, Hayden, Tyler and Declan has been given a role in laboring on the building also, along with students from other grades. The high school crew will be here every Monday and it’ll be exciting to watch the developments each week.

It is book week this coming week, as will be evident from the rest of the newsletter and we purchased all the picture story books on the shortlist. I snuck home Tricky’s Bad Day, to read to my little ‘Tricky’. A bunch of bad things happen in Tricky’s day but all is redeemed in the end when he gets to run in the rain through the mud and puddles up to his favourite ‘cubby trees’. A good simple story. And it spoke to me as a dad and a teacher of lots of little ‘Tricky’s’. The message is quite simple, yet vital to us as educators and parents: we need to get our kids outside! This is something we are increasingly passionate about at Healesville Primary School. We know that movement, play and outdoor activity help brain development. Being outside learning and playing develops childrens’ fine and gross motor skills, language, creativity and problem solving abilities. This morning it was so great to see even our Yr 5/6 students scattered around The Ruins, writing books in hand, crafting their narratives. And, as Tricky will attest, there’s just a lot of joy to be had outside, even if it is winter.

Tom Gamble

Assistant Principal.

Book Week at Healesville Primary School

Every year the CBCA (Children’s Book Council of Australia) holds Book Week to celebrate Australian children’s literature. This year Book Week is being held from Monday the 19th to Friday the 23rd of August.

This year’s theme is Reading is My Secret Power. Classes across the school will be celebrating Book Week in a variety of ways including reading the Notable Books for 2019 and voting for their favourites, reading books and writing book reviews to share with others and taking part in book tasting events.

Book Week at HPS will culminate in a Book Character Parade beginning at 9:05 on Friday morning (Friday the 23rd of August) in the gym. The students will be dressed up as their favourite book character. Parents and families are welcome to attend the parade and are more than welcome to come dressed up themselves as their favourite book character.

We look forward to seeing you there. Happy Book Week!

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Important Information from the Admin Team

By now everyone will have received their email with login details for our new parent portal. To date a number of families have logged in. It is imperative that all families have access as it will be the main avenue of communication for all administration matters.

Excursions and activities that involve your child will now be posted to the portal which means you will be unable to give permission if you do not have access. Payments can also be made through the portal - it's your one-stop-shop for everything regarding your child.

The portal also allows you access to data that we have for your child including absence data, and reports along with a calendar that allows you to see upcoming events. You can even log your child's absence from home - this includes past, current and all future dated absences.

If you have not received your email or if you are having problems using the portal, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Monday 19 August - Friday 23 August

Book Week

Friday 23 August - Bookweek Dress Up Parade

Thursday 22 August

Open Afternoon for 2020 Preps 2:45 - 3:15pm

Thursday 29th August

Fathers/Special Persons day breakfast

Tuesday 3 September

P.A.C.H Meeting

Thursday 5 September

Open Afternoon for 2020 Preps 2:45 - 3:15pm

Students of the Week

PB: Ardi C, Matilda N, Ben S 1F: Connor H.

1/2V: Ruby C, Isla V, Linden D, Flynn H 2G: Taylor C, Evan S

3K: Darcy R, Ella K, Zoey F 3/4B: Grace S, Sarah C. 4GH: Zaine D

5/6S: Chloe W 5/6W: Lilly H


Term 3

This term in Rock & Water our focus is on anxiety or worry. It’s important to note that anxiety is a normal emotion, everyone experiences it and it can be a positive thing. In our class we have talked about how anxiety or nervousness can help us by motivating us, keeping us safe, warning us of the need to be careful, or helping us know what to be prepared for.

However, anxiety can become a problem if we don’t know how to handle it. Statistics from Beyond Blue say that it is now the most common mental health issue in Australia, with 1 in 4 adults experiencing difficulties related to anxiety. 1 in 14 young people (aged 4-17) will experience an anxiety disorder and it has been shown that young people are far less likely to seek help.

We have learned about what happens in our brains and in our bodies when we are anxious, so that we have a better understanding of what’s going on physically. We are now brainstorming things that can help us deal with our anxiety, with the intention that each child will have a personal “toolbox” of strategies, items and ideas they can use to help manage strong emotions. As part of this we have been making Mind Jars in class.

Attached is a list of some ideas that you and your child may like to use at home to set up their own toolbox.

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Kinder Vist

On Wednesday the 14th of August we paid a visit to Robyn Jane Kinder. While we were there we sang a song, read a book, did science experiments, and helped them with Arts, Crafts and puzzles. After our reading and singing we played musical statues and had an amazing time with the kinder kids. We read Mud Walk and Mrs Wishy Washy and then we taught them Mrs Wishy Washy’s Tub song.

Over all we think it was a great experience, apart from all the nose picking. We all received amazing gifts from the kinder kids! And we all would like to thank Mrs. Robertson-Smith for taking us down there and helping us with the kinder kids. Also we can’t forget to thank Mrs. Williams for helping us organize the dance, stories and games! Thank you!

Georgie, Toby, Olive and Aemelia

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Canteen Menu

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It has finally arrived at Healesville primary school before and after school care.

We have tailored our program around various science and technology activities to meet the interest of the children as well as extend their knowledge of science

This is what we are doing this week.

Monday 12th August

Oil and Dishwashing liquid experiment and Mini Tornado

Tuesday 13th August

Walking Water

This experiment is,a wondrous and visible.

Wednesday 14th August

Making snow, we need corn flour , baking soda and water.

Thursday 15th August

Pizza making station and Static Electricity with Balloons

Friday 16th August

Making Greenhouse

Showing the children how the seeds germinate indoors.

Join in the fun at our OSHC program today.

Did you know it's free to register an account with us?

To book in for National Science Week or for more information on our program, visit your school's page at www.campaustralia.com.au

Further more ,you can contract our friendly Customer Care Team on 1300 105 343.

The team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - except National Public Holidays.

We look forward to exploring science with you and your family soon!

The Team at Camp Australia.

If your child is unwell and unable to attend After School Care,

please call Stacey direct on 0405 440 885.

If you wish to enrol in Before and/or Afters School Care, you need to enrol via the

Camp Australia enrolment link below.