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Getting started

I am excited to have you join the essential oil journey. Congratulations on making a great decision to seek natural solutions for you, your family and friends through essential oils.

Some people join dōTERRA just to get these wonderful Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) essential oils at wholesale discount; others join for the opportunity to share with the referral program. Regardless, I am eager to help you begin your journey.

First Steps

Always remember not to get overwhelmed with trying to learn everything at once. This is a journey, so approach it one step at a time. Learning these oils can be simple!

1) LIVE with the oils. EVERYTHING you would ordinarily get from your medicine cabinet, go to the oils first.

2) USE your MODERN ESSENTIALS book or Modern Essentials APP. The book is on Amazon or http://www.Aromatools.com or http://www.mydopro.com. Having oils without a good reference book is like having the ingredients for a cake but no recipe. Leave it in a central location (we keep ours in the kitchen) and use it to look up every health, wellness or medical issue that comes up in your daily life.

You can also visit http://neweverythingessential.me website to search by protocol. I personally love to use the book and website and then decide what oils I want to use and learn about diluting my oils.

3) EDUCATE yourself by utilizing the other great resources that are readily available to us (see all the great links below). We're lucky because we have everything at our fingertips that we need to help us become expert users of these oils!

4) COMMUNITY! Make sure you join our team's online dōTERRA community Facebook group and join us at our classes.

Placing orders

Orders can be placed through http://www.mydoterra.com. When you placed your order, you were sent an e-mail with the subject: "do terra.myvoffice.com Registration Confirmation" this e-mail had your member ID and your password. (You are welcome to change this password.)

Enter this site to place orders, view upcoming events, enroll new members, and manage your doTERRA business. If you elect to enroll in the loyalty program, please let us help you with placing your first loyalty order. This video is also a walk through on how to set it up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnpmdTK2bfw


If for any reason you ever need doTERRA's member services, please call: 1-800-411-8151.

doTERRA - How to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program aka LRP Order

dōTERRA Communities

Our private FB Group for our Apothecare Members: https://www.facebook.com/groups/767274300053932/

"Like" our public Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/groups/767274300053932/

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