Salem Witch Trials

What were the Salem Witch Trials


The Salem Witch Trials were a series of trials in which people of the puritan faith accused over 200 people of being a witch, and about 20 were murdered. The puritans were a group of religious people who fled from Europe to escape "Gods wrath", because at the time Europe had been experiencing things that the puritans thought were plagues. The puritans were a very radical catholic people. They worshiped from sun up to sun down, and made every part of their day about serving god. Since witchcraft is Satan's magic you can see the conflict here.

How you were considered a witch

If you were in Salem at the time and you did the following you may be a witch.

1. could not recite the lords prayer without fault

2. blemishes like warts, birthmarks, and freckles

3. random mood swings

4. if you knew someone who was a witch

5. if an accused witch said you were also a witch

6. if you were married but didn't have children

7. strange movements or dancing

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people from near by towns came to spread their wisdom to try to help convict the "witches".

How you would be executed.

If you were a witch (in Salem) you would be subject to some pretty gruesome executions. A majority of the witches were hanged, some rotted in prison, and one man refused to stand trial got heavy stones piled on his chest till he died.