By: Iliana, Pierce, Ryan and Max

A Summary

Our story that we read, Shipbreaker, is a dystopian story about a male character named Nailer who works on the light crew and has to make quota every month for his boss, Babi. On the way he finds a boat, along with a rich girl named Nita and has to decide whether or not he wants to save her or take her gold to make quota.
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Ship Breaker

This is a excellent book because the characters are really unique in their own ways and their personalities definitely make this book. Although It starts off slow at the beginning it gets better towards the end. I promise you will love this book no matter what genre you personally enjoy reading.
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The Drowned Cities

This is the sequel to Ship Breaker
Exposition- Introduction to the main character, Nailer, and their boss Babi. They also have to find copper for quota.

Inciting Event- Nailers gets stuck in oil and nobody came and saved him. The storm came and they are regrouping and finding shelter.

Rising action- The fathers crew came and they found Nita and the boat.

Climax- Nailed and Nita left the camp by themselves

Falling action- The fathers crew patrolled the camp to stay safe.

Setting- near New Orleans on an island and they're trying to build a ship back.
Nailer is a teenaged boy that lives near New Orleans with his dad and his crew. They are there because his ship broke down. He is trying to fix Babi's ship, so he goes out and breaks down other ships to get parts for Babi's ship.
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