The Bumblebee Flies Anyways

By: Lenna Khuth


-Setting is the same, it is near a junkyard and the entire area seems kind of "shady"

- Barney Snow still gets flash backs of his car accident

- The bond of Mazzo and Barney is still there

- Cassie and Barney's relationship is still there

- A type of brainwashing experiment

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-Billy in the movie is different from the book personality wise. Billy what I'd call as someone who's always nervous, and timid.

- The Handyman is a girl not a guy in the movie

-Started out with Billy knowing that he is in an experiment in the movie, in the book he doesn't know anything and only knows he has been in the complex for almost a month.

- Mazzo isn't "beautiful" (sorry).

- Cassie is introduced way too earlier than the book

- They took out Buscam and Ronson

-Billy is suppose to be in pain every time he walks

Integral scene removed

The build up in the bond with Mazzo and Barney is rushed.

The beginning where Barney Snow introduces most of his acquaintances is cut off.

His life at the complex with his friends is reduced drastically

The idea of helping "mankind" (experiments) is not a big part of the story.

Why did the director do this

I believe this was to cut back on time, and the directors also wanted to focus more on Barney's experiments. Instead of focusing on "romance" an "friendship" they focus on Barney trying to regain his past memories.

Critical acclaims

Reviews of the book:

"What makes Cormier a favorite author of mine is his ability to write extremely good realism involving esoteric concepts. Following his trademark The Bumblebee Flies Anyway is about a boy undergoing brainwashing experiments unbeknown to him in an experimental clinic. Never did it seem unreal, impassible, too much, or even cliché. It's much more sweet and simple then you might think. " -Feathzzz

Reviews of the movie: