Go on the Oregon Trail!

September 19,1864

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The map of the Oregon Trail


Attention people seeking fertile farmland! Meet in Independence, Missouri to get on a wagon train on its way to Oregon Country! You can expect very fertile farmland in Oregon Country! The trail to Oregon Country is 2,000 miles long. But I think it'll be worth the journey! You might have to cross some rivers along the way though! The rivers will probably be your biggest danger for your animals and wagons. Your animals could panic while wading through the water, causing your wagon to tip over. If you traveled 15 miles each day, you'd be in oregon country in only 4-6 months! You don't need to worry about the Native Americans, they are normally harmless to us.

What to pack

You would probably need to pack at least 2 pairs of clothes, lots of shoes since there will be no room for you to be in a wagon with all of your stuff, so you probably will have to walk the whole way! But don't worry! There will be certain campsites and forts throughout the trail for you to rest and restock on supplies.

Sites that I used


I also used a book for info!

Social Studies:Building a nation by Scott Foresman