Chinese Civil War



I'm researching the country China. The time period is 1927-1952. The Chinese Civil War all started in the event of the white terror. Where the Nationalist Party known as Kuomintang (KMT). Attacked the Communist Party (CPC) in 1927. This event is important because that is the beginning of the civil war. Before the civil war, the KMT and CPC joined together to take down the warlords to unified China. After taking down the warlords, KMT started to kill and purge CPC from their group. After the war started an event took place called the Long March. According to Ducksters, “In 1934, Mao and the CPC army had to retreat from the Kuomintang. They went on a series of long marches that lasted an entire year, from October of 1934 to October of 1935. They traveled around 7,000 miles. They began the Long March at Jiangxi province in south China and finally stopped at the Shaanxi province of northern China. Out of around 80,000 soldiers that began the march, only 8,000 or so made it to the end”(Ducksters). The civil war was interrupted by the Japanese in WWII. Before the Japanese invaded China the KMT greatly outmatched the CPC. Due to WWII the KMT and CPC teamed up together to fight off the Japanese. As WWII ended the KMT lost power due to the war and the CPC popularity increased. The CPC is backed up by the Soviets and KMT is supported by the U.S. The Civil War affected the US because the CPC forced KMT out of the mainland of China. This caused all diplomatic to be suspended for decades.

How did the Chinese civil war turn into the third largest war?

It all started with China being a Powerhouse but was losing powering. This cause China to fluctuate on who has the power after the beginning of the Civil War. The soviets and the US supported the opposite sides and which lengthen the war because the Soviets and US were giving the Chinese weapon and ammunition to fight for their cause. Even in WWII the Soviets and US troops stood around China for a while until the people they are supporting. Came to take the land they capture from the Japanese. To tell the truth to me it seems it was an actual fight between the Soviets and the US only using the Chinese. It is not known that this War was on of the third largest war in the world. The extension of the war was not because of the Chinese but the Soviets and US. They prolonged the war because they provided a lot of supplies to the people they are supporting, but the thing is the US and Soviets never fought in they front with the people they are supporting.


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