Text Sets by Tovani

Creating Text Sets for Whole Class Instruction

Text Sets: A Supplemental Alternative | Tovani, 2004

Text sets, according to author Cris Tovani, Do I Really Have to Teach Reading? (2004), are an alternative for finding accessible text for kids. Text sets can be utilized to support concepts in textbooks. Text sets are similar to the elementary education way of organizing a library - brightly colored bins can hold oodles of alternative supplemental material.

"Text sets contain examples of text that are relevant, interesting, & accessible to most students."

What's in a Text Set?

"The secret of creating a text set", as told by Tovani, "Is to have several texts about a topic that vary in length, format and genre. The following just a few of the many possible text set components:

  • Poems
  • Short nonfiction selections
  • Picture books
  • Newspaper articles
  • Student writing
  • Photos
  • Quotes
  • Song lyrics
  • Recipes
  • Charts and graphs

"Text sets contain materials that vary in length, difficulty, and text structure."

Why Text Sets Work

  • Sets provide choice of reading material
  • Sets demonstrate how content connects to the real world
  • Sets give students opportunities to read "provocative" texts
  • Sets allow students to go beyond learning in the classroom

"Text sets give students several options for obtaining information."

"Text sets are designed to give reluctant readers a choice of interesting & accessible text."

Want More Information?

Cris Tovani

Do I Really Have to Teach Reading?

2004 Stenhouse Publishers

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