By:Andrew Reyes, Ariana Santana,Lucy Ragsdale,Brooke Preston

Cuba, Where it is and Why It's Important to Franny

Before Franny's teacher explained to her class Franny had no idea what Cubans were like and how they were so similar to herself.On page 227 "We listen to Mrs. Rodriguez tell us stories about the gloom. Stories about beaches, mountains, music,food,tobacco fields, the city of Old Havana, and the stories of her Cuban family. She plays the mambo for us on the record player on her desk. She dances the cha-cha and we giggle in our seats until she makes us stand up and cha-cha at our desks. We laugh so hard our sides hurt."
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What Franny Would Take With Her

We think that Franny would take her headbands, Nancy drew books, and Chris' handkerchief. On page 20, Franny says "I have forgotten my book - The Clue in the Diary, my newest Nancy Drew- and without a book i don't want to be alone at recess- it looks bad and people think there is something wrong with you." When she says this, we can see how much her Nancy Drew books mean to her. The reason Franny would want to bring Chris' handkerchief is because on page 119, Chris hands Franny a handkerchief " "Here," says Chris. He produces a handkerchief from his pocket. A handkerchief. He is a regular Prince Charming. And very tall." This shows her emotional attachment to her handkerchief. The reason why we think that Franny would want to bring her head bands with her is because on page 24 she says "My palms are scraped and red. My knee wants to bleed- i can see the blood coming to the surface, crowding into the white, scraped places. Someone trips over my headband and breaks it. I snatch up the pieces." This piece of text evidence shows how protective Franny truly is over her headbands.

Why We Chose To Do This Project

We chose to tell about where we think Franny would go on vacation because on page 229 Franny says " I have started to love it, too. How can i be scared of such a beautiful country full of people who are related to my teacher? " We thought it would be realistic for her to go to Cuba because she seemed to gain interests towards it. We chose to display our presentation on a smore because it seemed like the most efficient way to represent our information about our book club book "Countdown".

What We Feel About Franny

Franny Chapman is a girl set in the time period of the 1960’s, during the Cuban Missile Crisis. From the book we took away that Franny was, insecure, self-centered, and brave. We thought that Franny was insecure because she doesn’t feel right about herself, she doesn’t believe in herself, and she has multiple problems that she can’t solve. Some text evidence of this was page 80-81 “’I can’t stand it’ “What?” Jo Ellen has the ironing board… “Being homely” Homely. That was a Word Wealth Junior word last week. When we had to write the definitions for homework, I almost wrote my name beside that one. Homely: Not attractive or good-looking. Lacking elegance or refinement.

We also took away self-centered because she said her problems weren’t that important and she was putting them above everyone else’s problems, as if hers were the most important; which made her come across as though she felt she was better than everyone else. For example, on page 149, “I am sick to my stomach about Jo Ellen’s letter, and sicker still that Margie would just take it and not bring it back or call or say a word about it. I’ll have to deal with that tomorrow when we walk to school—maybe I can go to her house a few minutes early. That’s what I’ll do. I’ll just eat breakfast, grab my satchel, and run over ahead of Drew.”

Another thing we thought about Franny was that was very brave. Because she did many courageous feats during the book like when she swung across the deep gravel pit, “’NO” I wriggle and twist myself in an effort to rid my legs of the seat of the swing. I hear a mighty tearing sound and have a wild thought that I’ve managed to rip my legs off, but no, they are still ” Also when she saved her friend Margie, “” Franny was the bravest person in the book.