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Use these sites to create ways to express yourself through storytelling.
The Art of Storytelling

Learn with Pixar Studios.


Create interesting book reports, stories, and more. When the app hovers over your "trigger" the fun begins.


Write your own stories using art from the site and also read great stories.

Project Pixals

Tell stories by creating your own video game.


Make creating fun.

Stories with Holes APP

Have fun figuring out the story that has plenty of holes in it.

Stories with Holes - printable

Have your students figure out what happened in the story. These stories have holes! Higher level of thinking required.

Shadow Puppet Edu

Download the app and begin creating your own story.


Create your own cartoons.

A resource for multiple storytelling apps

Includes price, devices allowed, and level of difficulty.


Create images to use on the Internet.

Design Wizard

Create graphics, videos, and newsletters.

Zimmer Twins

Create a movie!


Create a print short stories.

Puppet Pals

Use digital puppets to tell your story.

Auto Draw

Fast Drawing for Everyone.

Sock Puppets

Create your own lip-synced videos.


Make great videos in seconds.


Record up to 30 seconds of custom recordings using puppets.

Story Bird Tales

Make original artwork. Create a book with your voice.

Write Comics

No login necessary. Create your own comics.


Learn to code and create using computers and also go unplugged.

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Free computer science/coding training.


More advanced coding.

Scratch Jr.

Ages 5-8

Bloxels Builder

Hands on way for kids to build, collaborate, and tell stories through video game creation.

Project Pixals

Learn to create your own video game.

Made with Code

Fun coding projects.

Hello Ruby

Fun ways to learn about programming and technology.

Daisy the Dinosaur

Basics in computer programming.

Cargo Bot

A puzzle game that challenges your brain.

Light Bot

Program Light Bot to light up all of the blue squares.


Learn to program by creating fun apps!

Santa Tracker

Holiday coding fun.

Big picture

Augmented Reality Sites and Apps

Augmented Reality takes an item like a book or coloring page and turns into an interactive experience. Learn the alphabet with letters that come to life and talk. Read a book where the illustrations come off the page and the words are read with sound effects and music. You can even go inside the human heart! Try a few below.
AR Flash Cards

Print flash cards to learn the alphabet, math, and more. Use the app to make the flashcard come to life!

Chromville Augmented Reality

Science, coloring pages, and more come to life. Print the pages, download the app and let the fun begin.


Blippar makes objects come to life - from books, to products, to most everything in your environment.

Interactive Notebooks

Create Augmented Reality Interactive Notebooks.

Marvel AR

Comic books and superheroes fly off the page!

Crayola AR - Color Alive

Print coloring pages, color them, then use the app.

Band-Aid Magic

Turning kids' pain into a stage to entertain. Download the app and buy band-aid brand AR products.

Moonbot Studios

Find Augmented Reality books. Read books that create an amazing experience. Imagnotron app.


Connects games and toys with interactive experiences.

Elements 4D

Print blocks to make the Elements appear in front of you.

Spacecraft NASA 4D

Learn and interact with spacecraft.

EON Experience - Virtual 3D Learning

The world's largest library of free 3D experiences.


AR books and experiences.

AR Solar System

Zoo Kazam

Animals come to life in your classroom! Take videos and pictures.

AR Circuits

Practice building circuits without an electronics kit.

Quivar app

Print coloring pages and bring them to life.

Note Taking

Fun ways to take notes using technology.
Kathy Schrock's Guide to sketchnoting

Find many resources for learning about sketchnoting.

More apps for sketchnoting - tutorials

Includes: Flipink, Procreate and video tutorials.

Making Videos and Lessons and Using Youtube

Want to engage students with videos? Want to get rid of Youtube Ads? Want to create your own Youtube videos? See what is here.

Pick a video, add your magic touch, and track your student's understanding.


Videos without clutter, comments or other distractions.


Log into Google and download this to Google.

MoveNote for Education

Present your documents with video.

Google Help

Scroll down to find resources on many different Google topics.
Best Google Apps

16 tips for using Google - includes writing a Google Doc with just your voice!

Handy URLS for Google

Print and keep.

TES Tech

Works with Google Classroom

Student Collaboration, Assessment, and Portfolios

Ways for students to collaborate, fun ways to assess knowledge, and great online portfolios.
Kahoot It!

Students enter a game pin to answer questions the teachers put into the game.

TES Tech

Bring all of your digital content into one, easy-to-follow lesson-including content from the web, YouTube, Google Images, Flickr, Google Drive, Dropbox, and upload your own media. Add quizzes, embed discussions, track your students’ responses! 5 min.


Using Google Drive to Power Up your Classroom

Watch the video from a Simple K12 webinar.

Online Learning

Sites that teach everything to A-Z.
Pixar in a Box

Go behind the scenes at Pixar Studios,

Design Squad Nation

Hands on activities and videos for the classroom.

Khan Academy

Online videos for learning.

Which One Doesn't Belong?

Puzzles for higher order thinking - Which one doesn't belong?

VAK Learning/GT & Differentiation

Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic
Word Toons

Step by step drawing lessons. Inspire student's creativity and practice following directions.

Ed Emberley

Fingerprints and drawing.


Engage students in hands on creativity and problem solving.
Proto Makerspace

Local place to try your hand at engineering. Take the whole family!