Elvis Presley

By:Vishal Veeravelli


Elvis was born January 8, 1935, also a very popular singer and actor. Death date of Elvis was August 16,1977. Elvis life time he stared in 33 movies that all had a hit. He also grew up poor in a two-room house with his mother and father being the only child. (Biography.com)


July 30, 1954 was Presley's first live concert and only 19 years of age but Elvis had no clue what to do with his crazy fans! His concerts were like no others they were wild. Most of his concerts with partially sold out. But that's not it Elvis preformed 1,684 live on stage and over 12 million people got the chance to see him live! (American History)


Yes, Elvis Presley stared in 33 movies. The most popular movie he stared in was Girls! Girls! Girls! Most of his movies were in Movie Theaters and on TV! Girls! Girls! Girls! got top movie of 1962. The movie earned 2.6 million at the box office. This movie was a musical! (Wikipedia.com)


The Kings first song recorded in 1953 was "My happiness" witch he recorded at the age of 18. Elvis walked into Sun records wanting to be a hit, Sun Records was located at Memphis. Also, Jailhouse Rock is also one the best of all time. (Al.com)