Tony Royhl

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan always had a dream of playing basketball, In his childhood, he was very poor and his parents didn't have a lot of money. In high school, he got dropped from his high school basketball team and he was depressed. But then he started practicing with his dad and got much better. He got put back on the team and scored 25 points per game. When Michael Jordan graduated high school, He got put onto the University Of North Carolina Basketball Team. Michael Jordans Recent teams for the NBA are the Chicago Bulls, And Washington Wizards. Michael Jordan is retired and is the owner of the NBA team Charlotte Hornets. one example of hardwork is on his last game in 1997 michael jordan was sick, and still he continued playing and scored 35 points. One of his quotes are "Obstacles dont have to stop you, If you run into a wall, Dont turn round and give up. Figure out how to climb it, Go through it or work around it"

Words Failed Him

Tom Harken, a self made millionaire who owns a restaurant named Casa Ole had a struggle at reading. In his childhood, he didn't know how to read so his teacher dropped him out of school. When Tom started a job, he worked at a vacuum company and still couldn't read. Also when he went out to restaurants he couldnt read the menu and got made fun of. So Tom decided to venture the obstacle and read passages from the bible. Tom eventually won the Horatio Alger Award and was thrilled.

Spare Parts

In Spare Parts, There is main characters, Louis, Carl, Christian, And Lorenzo. In the story, They try to create a underwater robot for a competition. A folter for them is that they do not have enough money for the robot so they ask their family members for money and they get over 1000 dollars. Because they asked for money, they had enough to get the parts they needed! It was a struggle to make the robot because it was not as advances as the other robots. A main part they came in first is because of teamwork and helping each other out.

Caines Arcade

Caine, A 9 year old genius created a cardboard arcade in the summer. He always had a dream to become famous and to create his own arcade. he struggled because he lived in a poor town and there was nobody walking on the streets. So caine waited and seemed to never get Impatient. Then one day a customer tried out his arcade and bought a fun pass. He seemed it was so cool that he made a website for Caine and got people to visit him from around the world. Caine Resolved his problem by not giving up on his store and being patient for getting a customer. Caine Found a solution to getting customers by walking up to them and asking to try his arcade. He became successful and to this day he is still getting customers.
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