Urgent! EVS volunteer in Poland!

9 month project

Tasks for the volunteer:

Volunteers staying will consist of two stages. In the first stage it will be time to integrate with school ( participation in lessons and integration days for first class pupils, school celebrations ) and local community. We will organize them activities which let us know volunteers' potential and abilities. They can prepare short presentation about their countries ( geography, culture, traditions, customs, educational system ). Volunteers will have to create their "Mini project" and realize it in the second part of their staying. They can choose a topic, a way of realization and a group of people they want to work with. They can realize activities direct connected to school ( there is the sports hall, the gym, the shooting range, two computer rooms, the library, audio and video equipment ). They will work with pupils after obligatory classes or direct their actions to youngsters who live in a boarding house. They can create interest's clubs, e.g. foreign language club ( it can help our pupils to develop their foreign language skills), literature club, sports club. They can organize competitions for pupils ( e.g dancing, singing, sport, art, foreign language competitions ) or organize the day of the country which they come from. They have possibilities to work with local community and with organizations which cooperate with our school ( Occupational Therapy Workshops, Youth Initiative Group ( they work with disabled people in Adaptation and Integration day room, organize cultural events for disabled people, e.g. evening parties, St Andrew's Eve party, Christmas party ), the Culture Centre ( volunteers can prepare some cultural events like singing or dancing competitions ), "Gama" Foundation , as so target group could be children, youth or elderly people. ). Volunteers' benefits: they will learn new things, e.g. new language ( Polish ), work group, project techniques, educational system in Poland. They will develop their creativity. It will be time for self-education, self-improvement. Taking part in a project gives our school an opportunity to develop and respond new challenges.

More information about the project:

Place of the volunteering: Dąbrowa Bialostocka (Poland)

Date of the activities: 01.09.2014 – 30.06.2015

Number of the volunteers: one Spanish

Project on database:


The website of the school:


This is an interview with Maria and Laura – two volunteers who were doing their project in school in Dąbrowa for last 10months: