Groovy Smoothies

The perfect blog for healthy recipes


The goal of my healthy living blog was to give a quick and easy way for people to stay healthy.

Why I chose this project

According to the Food Research and Action center, 36% of adults, and 17% of children are obese here in the United States. The numbers are always rising, and bad habits need to change for things to get better. When brainstorming, I thought of healthy things that I enjoy, and one thing that came to mind was that I absolutely love smoothies. This made me think about smoothie and other healthy recipes. I chose this project because I wanted to give people a way to live healthy that is just as easy as fast food. My hopes for this blog was to show people that living a healthy lifestyle is very important, but also can be simple!

Not just smoothies!

Although the main focus in this page is smoothie recipes, that's not all that is posted! I have lots of recipes for other easy and healthy meals to share.

In this photo is a great breakfast meal that consists of fresh oranges, Greek yogurt, and zucchini bread!