OUHSD Informational Bulletin

Providing safe, welcoming & supportive school environments

June 11, 2021

Dear OUHSD Community,

We would like to provide our community an update about changes to the district's discipline policies and procedures in order to ensure that our schools are safe, positive environments that are conducive to learning for all students.

The latest Community Information Bulletin shares the latest updates about how the OUHSD is working with students to learn appropriate behavior, that it is reinforced when necessary, so they are engaged in the education program rather than the disciplinary system.

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In response to the changes to the OUHSD's disciplinary approaches and to ensure that all students are provided with schools that are safe, positive and have an environment that is conducive to learning for all students, the OUHSD Board of Education recently approved changes to the following policies:

Positive School Climate


Suspension and Expulsion/Due Process

We would like to thank our Supportive School Climate Committee and Board of Education for its work in taking the steps that are necessary for our district to provide a safe, culturally responsive and nurturing environment for all of our students.


Dr. Corey Willenberg