Joyful Moments Newsletter

June 12, 2015

June is Here!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the nice weather that we have been having! School is out for the summer; other than summer school and vacations are being held. Along with vacations I know many of you have graduations and weddings to attend. Make sure that you are promoting your business and yourself by making Thirty One your very own store!!!

May Stats

Top in Sales: Sally Benner $991.00

Rhonda Nelson $336.00

Heather Wang $317.00

$1,000 Parties: Kay $1,233

3 or More Parties: no one

Having parties or retail orders in May: Nikki, Jana, Jacque, Ashley, and Alexa

Total Group Sales: $4,323.00

Dream Builders in May: none

Kay’s Stats: Sales $1700, Parties 2 and retail orders

Earnings: $398.25 my parties, PersonalBonus $51.00, GenOOverride $78.69 =$527.94.

June 2014 through May 2015 (Thirty One Fiscal Year) Stats

Top in Sales: Sally Benner $11,013.55

Norma Start $ 9,799.50

Jacque Wilman $ 8,376.51

Top in Parties: Norma Stark and Sally Benner each had 15!!!!!

Jacque Wilman had 13!!!!!

Way to go ladies!!!!

Kay’s Stats: Sales $20,082.26, Parties 43

Earnings (roughly): $5,020.57 my parties, PersonalBonus $602.47, GenOOverride

$1,594.52. This is a total of $7,217.56.

Postcard Recognition

Postcards will be given for:

$1,200 in sales

$1,000 parties

3 or more parties per month


Qualifying and hitting the Startswell Levels

Consistency Postcard that will go out each quarter for those submitting orders each month with $600 total for the 3 months!!

:) You may also randomly receive a postcard for listening to a call, completing a Skill on TOT, attending a meeting, having an outstanding party, helping out a Thirty One sister, participating on our Facebook, etc.

For every 6 postcards you can either choose $25 in business supplies or toward product. I will be up to you to keep track of your postcard!!! Find one spot to put them!!!! (I have to do this too!!)

*******Postcards through May are now in the mail :)

As many of you have heard and have experienced Thirty One is going through some changed. Melissa Karnowski, and SED, sat down with Cindy Monroe and had a talk. She then made a video and put it on a Leadership FB page. Basically what she is is "Hang On!" Book your summer to stay active and then some!!! Stay strong and do your best and stay with Thirty One!! The company is financially secure and big things are going to be happening in the Fall!!!! Last year Mary Kay Cosmetics, a company that has been around for a long time, went through some major changes and then increased their sales by over $40 million!! Wow!! So hang on and let's rock this Fall!!!

Wow ~ another long newsletter! I guess this is what happens when we don't get to see each other as often. I would love to have a meeting every other month (opposite what Thirty One does) and go over anything that you want to. Let me know if this interests you!

Have a great and wonderful day ~ every day!

Give me a call,