Welcome To My Thirty-One Team

Resilient Super Stars

I'm a Thirty-One Consultant, NOW WHAT?

Top 4 Things To Do

1. Set up a FB V.I.P Group for your business.

2. Download the Thirty-One App

3. Set Up a launch party either on FB or as a home party. As a gift to you and to help you to start your business strong, your upline Kelly - will help you set up and run your launch party with/for you. So connect with her to schedule it.

4. Tell friends and family about your exciting new business.

5. Write down any questions you haves nd reach out to your Upline- Kelly to ask them. Ask away! I am here to help. You are never bugging me by asking me anything!

10 More Steps To Start Strong

___ 1) Log into your back-office and personalize your website so that your website name appears as you like it; you can change it to have your initials, first name, etc. instead of your id number after the backslash. You may also want to add a little about yourself and how you found Thirty-One in the About Me section. See Attached Directions on page 8

___ 2) Mark your StartSwell date on your calendar. Make it a goal to earn that FREE Girl on-the-go kit!

___ 3) Visit ThirtyOneToday.com and get familiar with the website just for Consultants. ___ 4) Head over to ThirtyOneToday.com – Training & Toolbox – Consultant Training.

___ 4) Create your list of 62 (31 doubled this is your original list of contacts. Use the FRANK C'S system to generate the list (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids associations (teachers, coaches, parents of friends, etc.), Co-workers and/or Church friends, spouse's associations.

___ 5) Take control of your calendar! Know what dates you are available for parties. ___

___ 6) Get on the phone or email ,or FB messenger and book your first six parties. Set the dates!

___ 7) Create a letter/email to send out to your friends and family to let them know about your new business. Tell them about your website and your business.

___ 8) Input all the contacts you have into your back-office.

___ 9) Find a local bi-monthly meeting near you. (Celebrate and Connect meetings) A list of meetings is on thirtyonetoday.com.

___ 10) Get organized! Create some type of filing system. You will want to keep up with all your receipts and set up a system to track this. Talk to your sponsor to see how she does it.