Tropical Wet

Tropical Wet is a sub-climate region of Tropical Rainy.

Climate Location

Tropical Wet climates can be found very close to the equator at 0 degrees and can stretch to about 25 degrees away from the equator. The temperatures range anywhere from 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit. It's always hot and humid with heavy precipitation.

Yearly Precipitation

Tropical Wet climates receive about 250 centimeters of yearly precipitation. That amounts to about 100 inches of rainfall.

Seasons and Temperature Range

Much of the topical climate is hot and humid year round. The seasons are a variation of rainfall and cloudiness. There are usually two wet and two dry seasons. The temperatures range anywhere from 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

Factors Affecting Climate

One of the factors that affect tropical wet climate is the bodies of water. Some oceans can cause heat to transfer into the rain forests. It also depends on the location of the rain forest. Ocean currents are driven by surface winds. They can also be moved by Earth's rotating movement. Rain forests that are close to large bodies of water are going to have a warmer temperature. The farther away from large bodies of water they are, they cooler the temperatures are going to be. This is because not as much warm air from the oceans are able to reach the rain forest. Scientists are now realizing that melting ice caps in the poles can affect the temperature and climate in a tropical region.