Ch. 9 Visualizing with Technologies

By: Brice Christian

Visualization Tools

  • Tools to help individuals visualize ideas to express concepts.
  • Can be interpretive (clarify difficult concepts) or expressive (visually convey meaning to communicate a set of beliefs).
  • Visualizations should make content more easily interpretable.
  • Below are just a few..

Visualizing with Video

  • Can provide meaningful learning contexts that can engage learners when they identify a purpose for viewing the video.
  • BUT, engaging students in meaningful learning requires...

  1. Imaginative students willing to take chances
  2. Ideas for how to engage them
  3. And some equipment.

  • Below we will check out equipment to engage learners in visualizing with Video...

Video Cameras

  • Portable electronic recording system capable of recording live motion video and audio
  • Editing software like iMovie can piece the recorded clips together.
  • While sharing that video can be done via software like YouTube.

Video Cameras can tell a Digital Story through the reproduction of the video that allows students to use the camera and engage an audience. The stories provides the opportunity for students to work collaboratively in a variety of roles. To really emphasize meaningful learning, feedback must be given to the learner via peers or the educator.