Fish in a Tree

Novel by Lynda Mullalay Hunt


I rate this book a 5/5 because I like the story of a girl who everyone is mean to and she stands up for herself. I also like this book because of the characters.


The protagonist is Ally, the girl getting bullied


The antagonists of this book is all of the bullies that bully Ally.
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The setting

The setting of this book takes place in a school during the beginning/near the middle of the school year.

The theme of the book

The theme of this book is very heartwarming. I know this because Ally is trying to deal with bullies and you feel bad for her as you read.

The Conflict

The conflict in this book is external because people are bullying Ally verbally

My favorite quotes

It's crazy that my birthday is the same day I was born!

I feel like a fish trying to climb a tree, it's impossible!


The author has won 3 awards for best books.

Different version of book jacket

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Where the story takes place

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Image of Ally from the book

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