Childs pull toy


A toy company needs a new toy designed for the holidays. The toy category chosen is a child’s pull toy.

All have basic design


1. Must be durable.

2. Must not exceed 15” deep x24” wide x24” high.

3. The product must not require external AC power (a plug outlet). Batteries may be used.


Has wheels

Has string to pull

In shape of childish figure


Big image


It is a turtle pull toy that when attached to a string kids are able to pull the toy around their house it is made of wood and colored green to make a turtle look more realistic.


Hold string



the only safety concern is that if the string is wrapped around a kids finger it could cut off their circulation


With the usage of the toy kids may be able to understand some effects of Laws of motion and how that the pull toy does not slow down right away.

Phug Chart

1 2 3

Correct size 5 5 5

Colorful 3 3 4

Durable 5 4 5

No AC power 5 5 3

Simple 5 5 5

Total 23 22 21