Welcome to Craven County, NC!

where the county seat stands, new bern

"The county to enjoy, live, and relax"

Craven County is located in the coastal plains and provides lots of sunshine. It was founded in 1705 and got its name from William, Earl of Craven. Our board of commissioners is working hard to make this county fun and safe.

"Our community are working hard and proud"

Within a county, they have a county seat. New Bern is a great city with a remarkable history. It was founded in 1710 and named after Bern, Switzerland. The population of the county as of 2010, is 103,505. The board of aldermen has six members along with a mayor trying to keep this county seat safe and nice. The city manager Mark Stephens is working alongside to. The mayor Dana Outlaw is working hard also and hopes a better future.

our board of alderman of new bern, north carolina

The region of craven county

What's in craven county

Craven County has the famous East Carolina University along with the New Bern Civic Theatre. They also have the Croatan national forest. Did you know, that New Bern served as the capital of NC from 1770 until it was relocated in Raleigh in 1792.