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Mrs. Richardson's and Mr. Earnest's Kindergarten Class

February 8-12, 2016

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. . .and we will see you back on February 22!

Due to our Black History Program Friday morning, weekly testing will be on Thursday.

St. Valentine Dance, February 11th

Don't forget to take your special Valentine to the PTO sponsored Mommy Son, Daddy Daughter Valentine dance this Thursday, February 11th at 5:30 pm.

Valentine Party - Friday, February 12th

Our St. Valentine's Day Party will be Friday, February 12th at 1:30. We have a parent that has volunteered to bring the students treats and Mr. Earnest and I will supply the drinks and paper products. If you would like to send some treats, please put them in goody-bags that can be sent home with the students.

If you would like to send Valentines with your child to pass out, please DO NOT put individual names on the envelopes. We only have 30 minutes to enjoy our party and it would take too long to pass out specific Valentines to each student. We have 20 students. Thank you for your understanding.

Math and Reading Website - Front Row

Our new APTT focus skill is "Counting on." Front Row is a great internet site to practice this skill.


Simply click on the link above or scan the QR code that is located to the left. It will take you to the site. Type in your child's first and last name and the CLASS CODE qbddea.

Then select "Math" to practice math skills.

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Finally select Counting & Operations to practice the "Counting On" skills I have assigned

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I will be checking the website on a regular basis to check on student progress as well as assigning new practice sessions. Students will be able to earn "coins" and I will be highlighting those students who have earned the most coins.

Front Row Student of the Week - Conner Scaff

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Another Congratulations to Conner who has earned 1335 coins in completing his assignments in Counting and Operations! If you haven't tried Front Row, give it a try and see how many coins your student can earn!

Kindergarten Bake Sale

We will continue to have our in-class Bake Sale, thank you to all who have supported it. So far we have raised enough money to buy the Osmo program for our iPads. Our new goal is to raise enough money to pay for our weekly newsletter that you receive through email.

Please remember that all the money we raise directly benefits your child's classroom and ultimately, your child's education. All snack items are .50 each.

Homework This Week

Sight Words/Spelling Words:

  • what, he, into, must, four, get, who, but, do, eat


  • Writing sentences using Sight Words


  • Word List


  • Counting to 100 if your child has not passed this assessment yet.
  • Measurement

APTT Homework: Counting on from a random number/Skip counting by 5s and 2s

What's Going On At Ruth Hill?

Relay for Life Candy Grams on Sale Until February 9

PTO Cookie Dough Sale begins all month

Tuesday, February 9

  • Candy Grams Due
  • Stevie B's Spirit Night

Wednesday, February 10

  • Black History Chorus Concert, 7:00 at CPVA

Thursday, February 11

  • PTO Valentine's Day Dance, 5:30-7:30

Friday, February 12

  • Black History Program, 9:00
  • Progress reports issued

Winter Break February 15-19

What's Going on in Class This Week ?

Letter of the Week: D, d

Sight Words:

  • what, no, new, he, into, must, four, get, who
  • Review all sight words


  • Learning to write sentences independently
  • Writing Informational and Narrative essays


New Standards:

  • Measurement
  • Decomposing and Composing Numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction

Old Standards:

  • Writing numbers to 20
  • Counting objects to 20
  • Counting on
  • Labeling Sets
  • Identifying how many
  • Counting on
  • Comparing numerals and quantities
  • 1 more/1 less

Social Studies/Health

  • Dental Health

Sight Word Super Stars - Level 6 - Congratulations!

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Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Jackson, Valerie, Brianna

APTT Goal Achievers-Counting On from a Random Number

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Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, John, Jackson, Valerie, Austin, Michael, Brianna, Tedrin

Mrs. Richardson's Golden Apples


These students made a perfect score on ALL of their ELA tests this week:

  • Wryson, Jackson, Valerie, Brianna

These students made a perfect score on their Letter Sounds:

  • Wryson, Jada, Romel, John, Shamara, Hunter, Jackson, Tyler, Valerie, Brianna, Tedrin

These students made a perfect score on their Spelling Test:

  • Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Jackson, Valerie, Brianna

These students made a perfect score on their Sight Word Fluency:

  • Wryson, Romel, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Jackson, Valerie, Brianna

These students made a perfect score on their Cold Reading Test:

  • Wryson, Elizabeth, Evelyn, Jackson, Valerie, Brianna

Math Assessments: These students have passed their assessment on these standards.

Represents addition with objects

Represents subtraction with objects

Represents addition with word problems

Represents subtraction with word problems

Decompose numbers less than 10

Finding numbers that make 10 (First Assessment)

  • John, Shamara, Valerie, Conner

Fluently adding within 10

Decompose and Compose numbers 11-19 (First Assessment)

  • Wryson, Elizabeth, Andreveon, Evelyn, Shamara, Hunter, Jackson, Valerie, Austin, Michael, Brianna

Describe measurable attributes of an object (First Assessment)

  • Wryson, Jada, Romel, Elizabeth, Jackson, Valerie, Brianna

Compare the measurable attribute of 2 items