Age is a good Thing! By: Brandon M.

Should there be an age limit in Olyimpic Sport events?


In the beginning I was fully prepared to talk about why there should not be age limits in international sports events such as the Olympics. Guess what ......... I found ZERO articles about why there should not be age limits! The only exception was cheating. If there were no age limit no one would cheat by forging birth dates. So after my research, I agree with limits because of health concerns, emotional well-being and education but I also feel the age limit should be lowered.

1.) Health

Bones- young bodies are still developing.

Growing joints and bones are weak while older bones are strong.

Young bones break easy.

Picture from: and Mike Powell/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

2.) Emotional Well-being

If too much pressure is put on a child they might feel like they are worthless if they fail.

Some motor skills are not fully developed which may lead to injury.

3.) Education

Kids might focous more on sports not school and training takes away from school.

4.) Ideas

After my learning that age is important, my ideas would be... lower the age limit to 14 and there should be age categories.

5.) My concluson

I hope that the three reasons I have provided for you today health, emotional, and education convence you why there should be age limits in internatonail sporting events such as the Olyimpics