Professional Books for the Beach

Use your PD money to purchase professional books!

What are Professional Resources

Professional resources are any resource that "teaches a teacher" about classroom practice. More precisely, they are books or journals that have been written for a teaching audience and that explores educational issues. Professional resources are NOT classroom novels, NOT blackline masters and are NOT subscriptions to general knowledge resources such as the Times-Colonist newspaper.

Some of the current professional resources you may wish to consider...........

Where can I Find Other Resources?

Let the search begin!

- Try the Professional Specialist Association (PSA) for your teaching area.
- Ask colleagues, including the school's teacher-librarian.
- Read the book reviews on the SD 63 Hub - under TEAMS, Educator as Researcher.
- Search on the webpages of educational publishers such as Portage and Main Press, ASCD.

From the Joint PD Committee: Holly Mair, Diana Wiseman, Rae Dennett, Alisa Russell, Diane Cacciato, Jean Prevost