By: Sydnye Nouansisouhak

Job Description/Duties:


  • prepares medication by reviewing & interpreting physician orders
  • dispenses medication by compounding, packaging, & labeling
controls medications by monitoring drug therapies

Dislikes & Likes:

  • I dislike how the patients would react if i get the wrong medicine
  • I like how most medicines will help the patient and they will recover

Personal Characteristics Needed:

  • One of the most important characteristics to be a successful pharmacist is to have positive attitude and knowledge.
  • I feel that certain places like Parkland or a medical center that have pharmacy would fit my personality.

Education Needed:

Specific Classes/Activities:

you will need:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Minimum 3.0 grade average
Classes Needed:

  • calculus
  • statistics
  • general chemistry w/ labs
  • organic chemistry w/ labs
  • general biology w/ labs
  • Microbiology
  • Human physiology
  • Biochemistry
You can just look for schools that have a good pharmacy program like Baylor University, Ohio State University,etc.

Work Setting:


  • The hours depend on where you work like if you work at CVS, you'd have to work 3-13 hours
  • The job would be stressful depending on the environment of the medical center or store
  • I would dislike the medical center because there're too many hours and its crowded
  • I would like to work in a store so I could see my family
  • But i would dislike working in a store to because the wage would be too small

Depending on:

  • U.S Military
  • Prisons

Wages & Benefits:


  • The annual pay is $116,170 USD
  • Hourly is $56.09 USD
  • For certain experienced Pharmacist depends on the title