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Protagonist: Koby

Koby Easton is a 12 year old girl that found 2 piolet whales in Lonesome Key Florida. Her parents don't believe her and her parents are making her mad and upset because they keep arguing and so Koby's mom (Paige) is moving in with her friend Tess and Koby wants to stay on Lazy Mae. Then they hear that hurricane Lia is going to hit Lonesome Key.

Conflict (Character vs. Nature)

Tracy doesn't think it is safe enough to put Lady and Squirt back in the ocean yet beacuse of hurricane Lia. Nickeljack and his dog Squid join Paige, Dutch, and Koby on lazy mae to avoid hurricane Lia. When they finally head back to Lonesome Key the whole city is destroyed.


This movie will be almost better than the book! Maybe even better!!


Nickeljack is an important person in the book! He helps the whales wounds heel with his special medicine. He helps Koby through the hard times with her parents, her leggy, and even the whales.

Koby Easton

I'm Koby Easton and I'm 12 years old. I also have a prosthetic leg on my right leg.