8th Grade Update: September

You can't hide that PANTHER pride!

Hello Parents!

This is our first monthly update. We are moving through our second week of school. I am proud to share that I have seen a lot of success and growth already.

I have spoken to multiple parents over the last week. I appreciate all of your support and invite the continued partnership. I will continue to communicate on a regular basis as I know that is key to a successful year.

I met with each team and reviewed expectations and routines so all students are aware. Our 8th grade students are the leaders of the school. We are well past the warning phase. Please review the following reminders with your students.

Gunning Bedford Open House

Thursday, Sep. 15th, 5-6:30pm

801 Cox Neck Road

New Castle, DE

Open House is an in-person event this year! Come meet your student's teachers and learn about our curriculum.


All 8th grade students have received their chromebooks. Please review the following with your student.

*Students should let their homeroom teachers know if their chromebook is not working.

*Chromebooks should be charged each night. Over the next week we will be completing beginning-of-the-year assessments that will drive further instructional decisions. They will need their chromebooks to complete these.

*I understand that the chromebooks that are provided are not brand new. However, students are expected to take care of their device.


Part of being in the 8th grade is increased independence. This also means that our 8th graders get to pick their own seats each day at lunch. (Both 6th and 7th do have assigned tables per team).

The expectation is that a seat is chosen and that students remain in this seat for the entire lunch period. Students are not to wander to visit friends or get out of their seats for any reason. Students who can not meet this expectation will be given consequences and parents will be contacted.

Backpacks, Phones and Lockers

Students are expected to put their backpacks in their lockers each day.

Cell phones must be placed in a Yondr pouch and then the pouch locked. Pouches should then be placed in backpacks in lockers.

Forgot your pouch? Let your homeroom teacher or Mrs. Nowell know and your phone can be stored in a safe place until the end of the day. Forgetting or losing your pouch is NOT a reason to be allowed to carry your phone in your pocket.

Students may access their lockers during homeroom, after third period and at the end of the day. We are having many students go to their lockers at other times. This is disrupting instruction and transitions.

Fall Sports!

Field-hockey and soccer take place this fall. If you are interested in either sport please bring your sports physical form to the nurse. Physical forms can be found in the main office. There is a late bus available to take students home after practice. The late bus leaves at 4:45pm.

Not sure if you would like field-hockey or soccer? Give it a try! I heard Ms. Spencer (the field-hockey coach) tell a parent today that we'd rather you try and decide that you don't like it than try at all.

Being active in a sport or club is a great way to meet new people. Have an idea for an after school club? Let Mrs. Nowell know and we will chat about getting it started.

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