I Survived the Attack of 9/11

By: Lauren Tarshis


New York City there lived a boy named Lucas who lived with his mom and dad and his Uncle Benny. One day Lucas had practice, he had a concussion and had to quit football.He tried to stop his mom and dad from making him quit football until it happened one of the twin towers was hit by the plane. His Uncle had to help so he left Lucas at the fire station and went to help. After most of the people were out and they couldn't help any more Lucas and his dad waited for Uncle Benny to come out. Five min. later Uncle Benny had still hasn't come so they thought he died and started to walk away and then something happened.



  • Lucas
  • Dad
  • Mom
  • Uncle Benny
  • Coach B
Here's a good 3 min 9/11 Clip worth seeing!