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In this May 2018 edition:

  • ANNOUNCEMENTS (Email, Website and Password)
  • STRATEGIES (Digital Citizenship Time!)
  • OPPORTUNITIES (CA Teachers Summit, and COAST)
  • plus a new app for productivity


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Have you missed it? We have announced it over the last few month. Did you see it?


Your Exchange email will be changing to GMail. Your only email address will be your @hueneme.org address. This will really only impact (1) your view when you check and manage your email and (2) any accounts you have created using other past work email addresses.

If you have created any accounts with your @huensd.k12.ca.us or your @hsdschools.org email, update it now. Whenever you sign in with one of those addresses, go to settings or profile and update your email to your @hueneme.org address. Try to do this before the switch over the summer. It will make your life a little easier.

NOTE: I am only talking about things YOU have signed up for (Teachers Pay Teachers, Class Dojo, Seesaw, Epic! Books, Scholastic Books etc)

Your Clever, Newsela, EADMS, ESGI, curriculum etc. accounts that are generated through the tech department will be taken care of.

Also, SAVE YOURSELF A HEADACHE--- clean up your inbox and delete unneeded emails. In both accounts. If you have never signed into your @hsdschools.org account, TRUST ME! Sign into that account and delete (not archive) all the emails you have been getting there that you don't need.


Our district website will be getting an amazing facelift over the summer and will look all "21st century learner"ish! You are going to be wowed!! And an app? Double WoW! Just be aware that teacher webpages will not be part of it. I STRONGLY suggest learning Google Classroom for sharing assignments and links with students. It is so worth the effort to change how you do things, if you haven't already. Google Sites are a great alternative for family communication.


Passwords. This has to be said. You are the keeper of much student data. It is test scores. It is demographic/phone/address. It is special services/behavior records. You get the idea? Much. Data. And we are not interested in any sort of data breach in HESD, so we need to increase the security on passwords. (not saying you will be the problem, but weak/easily accessible passwords are a hackers dream)

I know. They are hard to remember. I know. It seems easiest to write them on the cover of your plan book or post them on your wall, but that is a TERRIBLE idea!

I know. Passwords are hard.

I also know--- security of data is a serious matter and can always be taken more seriously. So, in the fall, we will be resetting all district user passwords (thank GOODNESS for Melanie Lee, the data ninja!) similarly to how we reset Q passwords. You will choose a more complex password and you will reset it periodically (depending on how often you forget it and need to reset it...)

Just letting you know so you can mentally prepare to see yourself as the Password Protector Data Warrior that you are!


Are you getting to be friends with Google?

Did you sign up and attend Google Trainings this month?

Yes? Awesome! Make sure to share what you learned with colleagues!

No? Watch for more information in next months newsletter about August opportunities and a website full of resources.

Two things to do now?

(1) CLEAN YOUR INBOX and delete unnecessary emails. You have more than you realize. Don't move old stuff to a new home (clean your @hueneme.org account) and don't move into a messy new home (clean your @hsdschools.org) You will be so glad you took the time in June/July to make your August/September a little easier!

(2) YOU MAY NEED TO CHANGE YOUR EMAIL in accounts like scholastic news and teachers pay teachers (for example) Make sure it uses your @hueneme.org account. No more @huensd.k12.ca.us or @hsdschools.org for HESD Staff (don't panic, emails will be forwarded, but not forever)

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Have you taught your Digital Citizenship lesson yet?

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DIGITAL CITIZENSHIP LESSONS-- choose your lesson, choose your time!

As we are seeing more and more devices integrated into instruction (yay!) and students accessing the internet more regularly, it is no surprise that digital citizenship is an important type of citizenship for our students to develop. For example, in addition to teaching our students to be nice on the playground and take care of their supplies, we also need to teach them to speak kindly online and protect their passwords.

Your administrators will give you more direction about this year's digital citizenship plan, but it is very similar to years past. Click the button to see the lesson options this year and choose the one (in your grade level) that meets the needs of your students.


* Look at the resources and choose your lesson

* Teach one lesson by June 4 (oh yikes, that's Monday!)

* Print your attendance sheet the day you taught the lesson (more detail from your site admin) and make sure to note the lesson you taught, then sign the page.


Plan to teach one lesson the first week of school, before you introduce devices if possible, then teach one per trimester. You may even consider becoming a Common Sense Certified Educator!


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CA Teachers Summit 2018

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Have you gone in the past? It is a cool event! It's part TED talk, part keynote speaker, part Edcamp, but it's ALL free and ALL awesome teacher collaboration.

Please join us if you can!

* Friday, July 27, 2018

* 8:45-12:45

* locations all over the state, including Cal State Channel Islands (click either link to register)

* All educators (preservice-retired teachers, administrators and other educators)

Get your free ticket now and put it on your calendar! It is a fun summer check in!

If you went last year, make sure to talk with your colleagues! The more Hueneme in one room, the better!


Want to learn new tech skills?

Are you playing COAST? Collaborative, Online, Activity Based, Self Paced Training is the thing to get you the training you want, WHEN you want! Go to alludolearning.com and sign in (top right corner) with your @hsdschools.org Google account, then you are ready to get started!

Teachers and admin are earning t-shirts, upgraded teacher iPads and going to conferences... what are you waiting for?


Have you done this yet? If you have a classroom or student devices--- complete this form!


Check out Google Tasks app for iOS and Android

Google Tasks is part of Gmail and Calendar, and it is also an iOS/Android app you can put on your iPad and/or phone. Check it out!

Click here for an iOS App Store link

Click here for a Google Play link



Liz Hoppe, technology resource teacher

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