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September 25, 2015


This week we continued with Unit 1 of our Math Expressions textbook. We learned about place value into the millions and added on to our place value cups. We reviewed how to write numbers in standard (46), word (forty-six), and expanded (40+6) form. Writing the numbers into the millions in these three forms was much more difficult for the students than the number that went to the thousands. The tricky place values were the ten thousand and hundred thousand place. The kiddos also had a hard time reading the numbers out loud into the millions. If you could practice writing numbers into the millions with your kids this weekend and having them read the number to you, that would be very helpful! We also discussed comparing numbers and learned a few strategies to help the students do that. Knowing that a number is larger than another number was the easy part, but trying to figure out which symbol to use (<, >, =) was the most challenging part.

There are also a lot of students without white board erasers at school. I've been going through about 50 tissues a day in my class to be used as erasers. If you have an eraser at home that your child can bring to school, please send it with them on Monday. If you don't, there's no need to buy one. A clean sock will work just fine! :)

Social Studies

This week we learned about the world and the United States. We started with continents, and worked our way down to cities. I was very impressed with how many kids knew all of the continents! We played an awesome video that shows all of the countries in the world. We saw a similar video on the United States and their capitals. The link for the videos is below if you would like to take a look! The kids loved watching these, and after seeing them a few times they were singing along with the music!

We will be starting our unit on the regions of the United States. We will break the country into 6 regions that we will be studying throughout the year. The students are also responsible for knowing the states and capitals by the end of the year. We will be going into detail about the states by region that we are studying. If you have a United States puzzle at home, please encourage your child to use it to practice. This week we rolled out a project in which students are working in groups to research one of the six regions. They will be making a lap book to present to the class about that region. We looked at lap books that my previous class had made on Native American tribes, and we discussed elements that we liked about the lap books, and things we would do differently. We also took a pretest on the states. I did this to see where all of the students were at with knowing where the states are located. This will help to guide my instruction.

Tour the World - Official Music Video
Tour the States - Official Music Video

Language Arts from Mrs. Edwards

This week in reading we are prepping for reading with partners. Book Clubs are starting! For our practice round, the entire class will be working on the same book: Little House in the Prairie/ Little House in the Big Woods. This book is a good ‘base’ for us to start with. It will help us model for each other great discussions, great questions, and awesome final projects. The students will meet with their group every Thursday. This is when their “Fish Bowl” questions will be due. The students will be introduced to the different levels of questions, always working to bring up discussions. The students have been working hard on getting in the routine of writing in their Reader’s Response Journals. They have improved at great amount since the beginning of the month.

As we finish up our Personal Narrative we look at how to “show” our story verses “telling” what happened. For example, instead of saying “The lady was mad,” we are beginning to expand our thoughts on how we knew she was mad. For example, we might show she was mad by writing, “What! I am a good customer here!” Her voice was loud and she spit when she screamed at me.” When the students started writing, their story sounded more like a list compared to a story. We finished our work on writing a great lead and moved into writing great endings. Next week, we will work on editing, and publishing our story.

Look forward to getting your child’s Literacy Binder! At the end of every month (December and January are usually combined due to holidays). Your child will also choose one notebook to bring home: Writer’s or Reader’s notebooks. Parents, please understand, that we are just learning how to write about what we read in 4th grade standards, and learn how the writing process works. Ask your child what his or her goals are for the upcoming Reader’s Responses, or how we can be more organized in our Writer’s Notebook. We have a lot of skipping pages and starting in the middle of their notebook. There will be a sheet for you to sign that says “Yes. I saw my child’s binder.” When it goes home on Friday, please try to remind your child to bring it back by Monday. We will be adding to the work in progress.

Math MAP test

We completed our Math portion of the MAP test. The kids worked very hard on Monday and persevered to get it finished! Kudos to the kids for trying their best and working hard.

Thank a Police Officer Day

Thanks to Ava and Jack Babler as well as their parents for taking our poster and bringing it to the Pewaukee Police Department last Saturday!
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Boosterthon Pep Rally

Monday, Sep. 28th, 1-1:45pm

Pewaukee High School Auditorium

The kids will be learning all about what Boosterthon is and how it is going to run this year!