2016-17 Course Materials

Books & Summer assignments

Course Approvals - Complete by April 14

Dept chairs will receive a the list of materials used last year to approve or update. Once we receive your feedback, we will approve the course in the online bookstore.

Please confirm all information including isbn numbers, title, author and publisher. If courses have additional iPad Apps or any additional course materials, please include that information.

Tammy Genereux and Linda St.Laurent act as school contacts for this account.

Student updates

The online bookstore provides students with a centralized place to purchase all course materials including print books and digital resources.

Students access the online bookstore through a link on school website. Once students have their schedule, they can look up their required course materials. Students will need to create an account to complete their purchase.

This year students will be able to purchase iBooks directly through MBS. This provides additional convenience , but will include a surcharge of $2/transaction (maximum of $10). Once purchased, students access digital content they have purchased through the digital bookshelf on the MBS website.

Summer assignments

Please use this link to review summer assignments that were posted last year.

Updated assignments can be emailed to Linda St.Laurent after they have been approved by dept chair.

Please make sure any due dates in the assignments have been updated so they reflect the current year.

Here is a link to last years posted assignments for your convenience:


Course materials for verification

Please use this link course materials that need to be verified -


Printed copies will be placed in each dept chair mailbox