Rubish Islands

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What is a rubbish island?

Due to ocean currents, a lot of the trash in the sea is carried to a number of different locations where the currents meet. When the currents meet it causes the water to rotate causing a funnel effect. Anything on the surface of the water will be dragged in creating a mass of rubbish.
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The chart above shows that most of the rubbish in these masses are plastics. The chart below shows where this plastic is coming from but the below chart will only equal 90% because that is how much plastic there is in these rubbish islands.
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The chart above would make me and many others upset because the rubbish makes it's way from the land to the sea. This proves that humans everywhere are careless with their rubbish.

What you can do to help?

Even the littlest things could help to stop or reduce the amount of rubbish islands that there are.

  • Reuse your plastic bags and containers.
  • Donate unwanted furniture and goods to charity instead of taking it to the dump or dumping it illegally.
  • Recycle your grass clippings by leaving them on the lawn after mowing, to return vital nutrients to the soil. This retains moisture, reduces the number of times you mow and the time it takes to mow. So there is a simple plan - RDR (reuse, donate, recycle)