Racial Injustice/Inequality

A recent topic gaining huge media attention

The beginning and improvement

I'm sure we all know how and why the fight for racial equality was started, the question is, Is there still a gap between the rights of African Americans and Caucasians? Although there has been much improvement on the treatment of all races equally in America, some believe that there is still some improvement to be made.

importance/the future

The topic of racial inequality is still a very important issue today, although believe that there is no issue anymore. I believe that we all should be well informed on this subject because it will not go away anytime soon, and will still continue to gain attention from the media. Although the protests from the case of Trayvon Martin ended years ago, and the protests from Michael Brown/Eric Garner are almost gone, this is a recurring issue. Roughly every decade a new incident comes along and causes equal rights protests, it is a matter of time until a much larger incident occurs and there is a big movement.

Breaking it down to two sides

Many people believe that there is still some distance to go in the fight for complete equal rights, however there are also a lot of people who believe an equal status has already been achieved. I consider it as the people who see 'no issue' and the people who think there is an 'issue', I personally have not picked a side of the debate yet.