By: Micaela Johnson

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman escaped slavery to become a leading abolitionist. She led hundreds of enslaved people to freedom along the route of the Underground Railroad.She was born in Maryland in 1820, and successfully escaped in 1849. Yet she returned many times to rescue both family members and non-relatives from the plantation system. She led hundreds to freedom in the North as the most famous "conductor" on the Underground Railroad, an elaborate secret network of safe houses organized for that purpose. Harriet Tubman is different from many people in slavery because she was the only Person who was confident. Harriet Tubman did not just save herself from slavery she saved her family friends and people who she did not even know. She had to persevere because she was on a plantation with her family and total strangers she had to get through those hard times. The line between freedom and slavery was hazy for Tubman and her family. Harriet Tubman’s father, Ben, was freed from slavery at the age of 45, as stipulated in the will of a previous owner.

Carry on video

I have chosen to compare the two boys from the video “Carry on”. The two boys from the video “Leroy” “Dartian” . They are compared by Leroy and Dartanian were both on the same wrestling team and they both had some kind of disability. They both had different types of disabilities for example Leroy got hit by a train and he lost his legs with it. Dartain never really had a brother and he was born legally blind so he could not see up close I can both compare and contrast these two boys.


Leroy in the video “Carry on”. First Leroy was hit by a train and lost both of his legs. Next he had wanted to wrestle even with no legs. Then another boy on his team decided to step up and helped him get through it, he was like a brother. After that Leroy was one of the best wrestlers that are on the team. Finally Leroy got into college and started working with video games and how to make them.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson had a lot of problems in his life and he had to persevere through that hard time. His problems had to do with him being black. He played a lot of sports in high school and he was great at all of them. He was in track, he played football, and baseball. Jackie really wanted to play baseball. Robinson began to play baseball professionally. At the time, the sport was segregated, and African-Americans and whites played in separate leagues. Robinson began playing in the Negro Leagues, but he was soon chosen by Branch Rickey, president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, to help integrate major league baseball. A solution was made, He joined the all-white Montreal Royals, a farm team for the Brooklyn Dodgers, in 1946. Robinson later moved to Florida to begin spring training with the Royals, and played his first game in Ebbets Field for the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947—becoming the first black player to compete in the major leagues. Not many people liked that Jackie Robinson was playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers because he was black they thought that he was not good enough. Rickey knew there would be difficult times ahead for the young athlete, and so made Robinson promise to not fight back when confronted with racism. Rickey also personally tested Robinson's reactions to the racial slurs and insults he knew the player would endure. From the beginning of his career with the Dodgers, Robinson's will was tested. Even some of his new teammates objected to having an African-American on their team. People in the crowds sometimes jeered at Robinson, and he and his family received threats.

Rosa Parks

I chose Rosa parks for cause and effect because Famed civil rights activist Rosa Parks was born Rosa Louise McCartney. On February 4, 1913, in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her refusal to surrender her seat to a white passenger on a public bus Montgomery, Alabama, spurred on a citywide boycott and helped launch nationwide efforts to end segregation of public facilities. The effect of Parks no giving up her seat to a white man go herself sent straight to jail.