By: Audrey Hightower and Meredith Fusselman

Country Name and Capital

Country: Chile

Capital: Santiago

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Population: 17,942,000


The blue square is for the sky. The white stripe is for the snow on the Andes mountains. The red is for the blood that was spilled fighting for freedom.
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Government Type: Republic

President: Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria


Currency: Peso

Exchange Rate: 1.00 USD =619.262 CLP

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Cultural Activities and Entertainment

- Music and Dancing fills the streets at all times

- Dance clubs stay open till dawn

- Popular sport is Chueca (similar to hockey)

- Popular tradition is the Fiestas Patrias

- Popular entertainment is the Chilean Rodeo

- Popular religious celebration is the "La Tirana"

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-Beef Enpanadas-Porotos con riendas-Corn humitas-Cocade-Chilean cazuela-Alfajores-Chilen itos-Picarones-Torta de milhojas-Tres leche cake-Brazo de reina-Leche asada-Alfajor-Sopha Peia

Tourist Attractions

Valparaiso: known for its brightly colored houses and its unique architecture.Pucon: one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chile, it has activites such as snow skiing,water skiing, white water rafting, and  horse back riding. Pucon also has a beautiful volcano right near it to where tourist can freely explore it.Easter Island: known for its monuments and pretty beaches. Some activites to do there are seeing the ancient stautes, diving, surfing, and exploring the volcanic craters.


-Volcanic Peaks-Ancient Forrest-Andes Mt. Range-Atacama Desert-Maipo CanyonChile is located on the South part of the Pacific Ocean-Located in South America-Borders Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia
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