~~Do- Gooder Family~~

By: Alexa Mallat, Jossette Urriola, Manahil Ali

Our school is in big trouble!!!!!!

Our school is in desperate need of superhero powers. There is bullying everywhere, everything from kids getting thrown into trash cans to throwing punches. Everywhere you walk you see someone getting taunted or chased. Its a horrible sight and only one team is good at fixing this type of problem. The Do-Gooder Family!
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Justice Man

Justice Man will help in anyway he can! He shoots rope at anyone who is caught bullying. He also uses his super strength to throw the wrong-doers into detention. He stops anyone who is causing harm to defenseless children. Just yesterday and bully was throwing punches at a poor defenseless kid and the poor guy was covered in his own blood. Using his rope he shot at the bully and tied him up. Using his extra-super strength, he was able to deliver the bully into detention. He did so gladly. :)
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Unlimited Woman

Unlimited Woman flies over the city looking for any signs of trouble. She also uses her six sense to control the minds of the wrong-doers. She helps make our community safer by flying over buildings looking for any sign of trouble. The other day, she was doing her usual fly over the countryside when she spotted a bully and and defenseless child in an alley. She immediately called her two partners for backup and swooped down. She creep-ed up behind them and engaged her mind control. The bully drop the kid and was instantly tied up by Justice man who arrived at the scene a few seconds earlier. Our school would be lost without Unlimited Women.
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Good Girl (got changed from BooBoo Baby)

Good Girl is always ready to take action! She uses her extra long whip to whip bullies into good behavior. She also uses her laser vision to scare the kids that dare to deify her. She will always know when to distract people so her parents can put the students in the slammer this school calls detention. Her whip will never hurt someone but it looks just right to scare the bullies with. Her latest endeavor was last week when a bully, who is in middle school, was caught taking money from a second grader. She lashed out her whip and the bully was so scared he drooped the kid. The second-grader slowly crawled toward Good Girl and her parents were able to get the bully and throw him into detention.


GANGNAM-STYLE (Instrumental) by ceipsa


Manahil Ali, Jossette Urriola, Lexi Mallat