on the devils court yard

Curl Deaker


The book is about a kid named joe who sells his soul to the devil. the setting is the bascket ball court, joes home and joes school. The problem is joe does not have a soul. Joe wanted to become a famous basketball player. When Joes parents want him to become an a pluts studen. Joe makes a deal with the devil. Joe gave the devil his soul but the devil had to make joe a dood basket ball player and an a plut student. Joe just loves all the benifets the devil gave him.

My rivew

I think this book is a good. Well reading this I felt scared and excited. I predicted that Joe was going to sell his soul to the devil and the devil would make him better at basket ball and smarter.

number of stars I would give this book a four in a half.

Favorite quite from the book

'Joe considers the mertis of selling his soul to the devil


I would recomend this to people how like hourrer