Bravery Against Slavery Society

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Show Some Bravery, No More Slavery

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Who We Are:

We work to end the awful industry of slavery in our country.

Why Slavery Should End:

1. All people should be treated equally because each and every man is equal under the Declaration of Independence.

2. Slavery goes against the religion of many people.

3. No man is superior over another.

4. The people involved in slave trade are corrupt and should not be able to abuse another human in a physical or mental way.

5. Slavery is horribly damaging to those who are enslaved.


1. To stress the value of a person's life

2. To get rid of the harsh conditions of a slavery

3. To immediately emancipate all slaves

4. To end racial discrimination.

Kaitlyn Doyle

Call 1-800-NOCHAINS to help end slavery today